Lovely unordinairy

When I enthusiastically tell people about me also being and adaptive scuba instructor, they immediately assume I dive mostly with people without limbs or in any other way physically impaired. 

Would you believe that most of the time we work with people that have additional support needs.


This is Murat.
When Murat booked scuba diving on the phone he was very meticulous in getting his questions answered. When Murat came to his scuba diving appointment I didn’t immediately recognize and treated him very much like any other person trying out scuba for the first time.

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What’s cookin’ good lookin’?!

GC003Tonight for the first time since all this drama concerning this country’s’ leader and his interesting approach to things have started; tonight for the very first time I heard somebody in my immediate surroundings say that they were scared.

There was no discussion at forehand, there was no talk of the topic, there was just a blue lit face staring at a phone, a finger sliding over the screen to scroll tweets,  and just the uttering of the words, “I am scared man”.

I felt validated, as it seems most people in my surroundings and in this tiny micro town, do not seem to be that bothered at all. Maybe it is my Dutch upbringing to try and be prepared and ready for any situation (low lands…we can be flooded any second of the day … we are in a constant state of alertness yani), maybe it is just me and my 7 year itch (ok…so it has been 10) that are amplifying this feeling of impending doom.

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Oracle, speak to me

In ancient Greek times, an Oracle was a priest(ess) considered to channel the Gods’ and give prophetic predictions of the future. Since the word oracle actually derives from ‘Orare’, Oracle can also refer to a place where the priestess did her crazy thing, or the predictions and often crazy talk that came out of her mouth.

Lucky me that the town where I live actually has such an ancient place at sort of walking distance from my house. I’ve been trying to see the Oracle for years now, but it seems she has permanently closed shop and left her place of business & ruling to fortune seekers and gold diggers

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Gel Gel, Çok Güzel!

trsEvery summer is special to me at our little corner of the beach. From our deck we have a perfect view of the holiday makers doing their thing on the sand and in the sea.

I love watching people, it used to be my favorite activity in Holland; Just sit at any of our many ‘terrasjes’ (see image) with a coffee or a beer and just watch the world go by.

Watching people from a distance sparks my imagination; who are they, what do they do for a living, why are they happy or sad, where are they going? And so, I could sit for hours.

The opposite is unfortunately true at the beach here. Since a few years the beach is gradually visited by more and more Turkish holiday makers, and it seems their way of experiencing ‘the beach’ is not only different than anything I’ve ever seen; there is just nothing left to the imagination……

Being Dutch I come with my own software issues, and I am sure many times my behavior must come across as rude or extremely strange for Turkish people. As strange as Turkish people ‘enjoying’ the beach is to me perhaps.
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Sea My Bottom

Scuba Diving is a passion, and I am one of those lucky gals who gets to do it all day!
I spend most of the day in the water …. or at least very close and pointing at it; explaining and showing new divers how to glide like a pro and enjoy this new world they have entered.

open water diver course
Next to a regular fun person, I am a PADI instructor (Professional Association of Diving Instructors) and also an SSI instructor (Scuba Schools International), so whichever path you’d like to take within recreational diving, I can teach you and help you along.

Since being a Scuba Instructor also enables you to teach 1st aid and CPR; You guys can also call upon me to show you how to respond to any emergency in a private situation or at the work place. EFR is a handy qualification for anybody to have and always looks good on your resume. Besides that …. a fun thing to do with a group of colleagues!

So why should you do a scuba course?
Scuba diving is an insane relaxing sport, and literally opens up a new world. The chaos from daily surface life, will leave your head the second you put it in water and start gliding. With our busy lives, who of you can honestly say there are times during the day that you haven’t got a single thought in your head? Being in water and feeling weightless naturally puts us in a relaxed state, and since scuba diving is very much about breathing and control of breath you can say it is the easiest form of meditation.

Another reason is the ridiculous natural beauty that can be seen underwater. Here in the realm of the surface dwellers, you have to focus and pay attention to find beauty (depending on where you live). But underwater big mamma nature is in control and her ways of dealing with whatever we throw at her are truly amazing.

Biggest reason would be that it takes very little effort to get a scuba license, but it will have a very large impact on your life from that point onward.

not convinced still… click sobesans’ blatant self promo video

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The ScandiNavajo

Thanks Pal for taking time to make such a personal gift! It's never coming down!

Thanks Pal for taking time to make such a personal gift! It’s never coming down!

It has been an interesting summer, and I can’t believe it is really at it’s end!

I will make several posts with regards to things that floated by, dugg themselves into the sand, or otherwise caught my attention; but for now I’d like to write something short and sweet with regards to people that became friends.

The Norwegian underwater ninja, came wandering onto our deck 2 years ago. A relaxed young man, with an appetite for thrills, as he explained he was a sky diver.

This quiet Norwegian had something the whole crew liked; was it his laid back-ness, was it the crisps & coke he brought for all of us, was it his generosity of sharing his cigarettes, was it his dry sense of humor?
We still don’t know, and by now we don’t care anymore …. we just like him!!

This summer, 2013, our quiet Norwegian decided to take this dive thing all the way, ‘since he had nothing better to do for the next 6 weeks and would rather spend his money diving & educating himself than getting a large tattoo’.

And so it became that the quiet Norwegian, got several nick names over time (Paolo, Candy Man, So-berg, ScandiNavajo, ladies man, Nonja & many more) and slowly integrated in our daily routine.
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To breathe nor not to breathe


I dive…that’s my thing, but next to diving (breathing from a tank) I just love to go out for ‘a bit of a snorkel’ or do a bit of freediving (breathing through a tube or plain breath holding). I am by no means a proper free diver & trained in the art of apnea, that takes a whole lot of guts in my opinion.

So before I learn how to hold my breath for ages and swim into the dark depths, I will just stick to what is already on my plate, but will take the opportunity to elaborate a bit about snorkeling & free diving.

Breathing with a hollow stick
“Snorkeling is a great way to begin your underwater adventures. It’s your chance to start exploring a new and fascinating world. Suitable for all ages, snorkeling provides both action and relaxation – whatever you are looking for”
This is a typical sentence from the SSI snorkeling brochure, and I am sure there are not a lot of people actually picking on up. The general public feels snorkeling requires no other skills then being able to swim and not breathe from the nose.

But to enjoy snorkeling in a way that you keep yourself safe, not overexert yourself and can anticipate water movements, does indeed require a little bit of skills.
So what is the difference between somebody that picks up a few snorkel skills and somebody that just “flaps about looking at fishies”?
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Bat Man needs a surface interval

batman need a surface interval!Wow what an interesting few weeks it has been! I went of to Egypt to enroll in a PADI IDC in hopes to successfully pass the instructor examination and to have a bit of a va-cay.

It was great! But as my course director mentioned in e-mail …. No va-cay at all!!

In the opening presentation of the IDC and IE, there is a phrase “you might even have fun” (or something along those lines) and they are right …. I did!!

Why did I feel the need to be a PADI instructor as well as an SSI instructor? Many reasons, but the main one being that by employing individuals who you have to get used to your way of working is complicated. Since a scuba season here in our corner of the world only lasts 6 months, there is no time for somebody to mess about for 2-3 months and still not getting the hang of things. Besides that … on a personal level…. Who knows where I want to lay my head a year from now, where there’s water I can provide for myself!

So off I went!

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Oh dear diary,

What drama can I create now? My man left home for a while …. That makes sabotaging the business and generally making life miserable for him a bit of a challenge.

I’m sure I will come up with something though.
I have a secret to share …. I got that horrible witch’s telephone number finally! It has taken me a long time to find out, but finally I GOT IT!! And to add to my daily neurotic looking for clues & proof of the affair (that is so real in my head), I can now see on whatsapp if she’s online or not.

All I have to do is write on a piece of paper all the minutes that she is online and that he is online …. That is 100% proof they are (sex)chatting with each other MUHAHAHAHA ….i am really very clever!
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Breathe in…..and out….

Oh so many thing going on at the moment that I find it hard to relax at all!!

A lot of travel is ahead and a lot of things still need to be arranged.

Times like this i hate being a single-ton. Times like these it is nice to share the load on your back with somebody. But oh well… is what it is ;)

So while i’m stressing myself out I thought the following. Not everything is in your hands and/or within your control. Just let it go….

And you know what? It works!
I made a list of things to do, pack and arrange on the different locations to come. And that is that…whatever happens, happens.

So with that in mind & list finished I will just sit here and enjoy the sunshine, because in a couple of weeks that will be gone and cold wind and rain awaits. So best to suck that up now and charge that battery.

And who knows what the following times will bring? For all I know I might not even return here for a while.

Aaaah….coffee & chocolate anybody?